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Keeping paddocks level and clean

Posted by Gary Zeitler on

I wanted to share the importance of keeping your paddocks clean and leveled.  Taking the extra time to ensure your paddocks are clean and leveled will save you time and money down the road.  A level paddock will reduce the chance of injury.  A level paddock will also help keep your paddock from pooling water and making mud holes.  Therefore saving you time looking for lost shoe's,  Daily cleaning of paddocks although it may seem daunting will help reduce flies, odor, and help keep your horse cleaner.  One of our favorite tools is the Bob Cat land groomer.  We use it when the Paddocks ice up, as well as all spring and summer long to keep the Paddocks nice and smooth being careful on grass areas not to lower the equipment to low.  This also is very helpful in daily cleaning of the paddocks.

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