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2 in 1 regeneration and care.

-- 1l concentrate produces 40l shampoo

washing concentrate with excellent cooling effect for effective regeneration
- cools, revitalizes and reactivates after physical exercise and exertion
- doping-free

Spray-on cooling gel.
The Effol med Cooling-Gel spray aids in the recovery and rejuvenation of your horse after strenuous or stressful workouts through its’ strong cooling properties. The innovative ingredients allow the gel to be sprayed on and it will stay where directed, without dissolving. These properties make it ideal and safe to use on even the hard to reach places. Skin-nourishing formula with panthenol. The pleasant cooling effect reduces itchiness caused by insect bites and helps swelling to go down.


2 in 1 regeneration and care.
The Effol med Cooling-Wash is an effective cooling shampoo which will help relax and refresh the muscles after demanding or fatiguing work. Revitalizes and cools effectively over an extended period of time. The intricate ingredients leave the coat clean and gleaming without drying it out. 
Application: Mix 3 bottle caps into 1 l water.
Apply the diluted Effol Cooling Wash mixture to affected areas such as the legs and back of the horse.
Ingredients acc. to EC 648/2004: 5 15 % anionic surfactants, < 5 % amphoteric surfactants, < 5 %
non-ionic surfactants, preservatives (BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE)